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GEAR, RSV rendering of the Gr. σκευ̂ος, G5007, KJV “sail” in the context of Acts 27:17. The word is common enough in the NT, but the meaning is often uncertain. The range of meanings includes: (1) “thing,” “inanimate object” (Mark 11:16, et al.); (2) “vessel,” “dish,” “container” (Luke 8:16); (3) “a designated vessel,” “chosen object” such as a person’s body (1 Pet 3:7, et al.); (4) “used of a woman, as the vessel of her husband” (1 Thess 4:4). With modifying adjectives it may refer to the equipment of various trades, such as shipping. It usually is assumed that the meaning in Acts is something like a kedge, possibly “light anchor” for warping a ship.