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468-533. Bishop of Ruspe. Born at Telepte in Byzacene, he later left Hunneric's court for the monastic life, first under the exiled bishop Faustus and then under Abbot Felix. He visited Rome in 500 and on his return to Byzacene founded his own monastery, from which he soon retired to practice a more ascetic life on an island. At the instigation of Felix he was ordained presbyter by Faustus, and in 508 was consecrated bishop of Ruspe by Victor of Byzacene. His first task was to build a monastery of which Felix became abbot. Soon after, Fulgentius was banished by Thrasimund to Sardinia with sixty other Catholic bishops, but was recalled to Carthage in 515 to answer objections to the Catholic faith. He returned into exile in 517 and remained in Sardinia until Thrasimund's death in 523. Hilderic allowed him to return to Ruspe, where he died. Fulgentius was a devotee of Augustine, as seen in his letters, sermons, and treatises against the Arians and the Pelagians.