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Frederick William Baedeker

1823-1906. Evangelist. Son of a Westphalian ornithologist and cousin of the traveler to whose guidebooks he contributed, he settled in 1862 as a schoolmaster in Weston-super-Mare. Together with his English wife, he was converted in 1866 through the ministry of Lord Radstock, who soon encouraged him to evangelize on the Continent. In 1877 he settled for three years with his family in St. Petersburg where in association with Count Bobrinsky, Princess Lieven, and others he played a prominent part in the current “drawing-room” awakening. His evangelistic journeys continued thereafter, at first in the universities and prisons of Scandinavia where he worked with the Finnish Baroness von Wrede, and later in Russia from the Caucasus to Siberia. In 1889, in spite of Pobiedonostzeff's official disfavor, he obtained a unique permit (renewed every two years until his death) enabling him to preach and distribute Bibles in any Russian prison. His associations were mainly with Stundists on the Continent and the Brethren in England.

See R.S. Latimer, Dr Baedeker and his Apostolic Work in Russia (1907).