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Franz Heinrich Reusch

1825-1900. Old Catholic* theologian. Born in Westphalia, he studied at Paderborn, Bonn, Tübingen, and Munich, was ordained priest in 1849, and taught OT exegesis at Bonn from 1854 (professor from 1861). Close friend of J.J.I. von Döllinger,* he strongly opposed the Vatican Council* infallibility decrees (1870), being present at the Nuremberg Declaration.* He was excommunicated in 1872, served an Old Catholic church in Bonn, was Bishop Reinkens's* vicar-general, and in 1873 became rector of Bonn University. He took a leading part in organizing the Old Catholic Church, and arranging the Bonn* Reunion Conferences. Disagreeing with the Old Catholic abolition of clerical celibacy in 1878, he retired into lay communion. He wrote many books on OT subjects and modern ecclesiastical history, some with von Döllinger, notably a history of post-Tridentine moral theology (1899).