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"Four" (cardinal number) was a sacred and complete number with the Hebrews, as well as with several other peoples. It occurs very frequently in the Old Testament and the New Testament.

(3) "Four" occurs frequently in the measurements of the sacred buildings, etc.

(a) of the tabernacle (Ex 25; 26; 27; 28:17; 36, etc.);

(b) of Solomon’s temple (1Ki 7:2; 1Ch 9:24);

(c) of Ezekiel’s temple (Eze 40:41; 41:5; 42:20; 43:14).

(6) Fourscore is also frequent (shemonim) (Ex 7:7; Jud 3:30; Jer 41:5, etc.; ogdoekonta, Lu 2:37; 16:7).

(8) The fourth part also frequently occurs (Ex 29:40; Le 23:13; Nu 23:10; Re 6:8, etc.).