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FENCE (גָּדֵר, H1555, fence, Ps 62:3; גְּדֵרָה, H1556, KJV HEDGE, NEB WALL, Nah 3:17). It is used of an enclosing wall made of stone. The psalmist (62:3) speaks of his oppressors as a “tottering fence,” i.e. ready to fall over. Dahood (The Anchor Bible, vol. 17, pp. 89, 92) sees this expression referring to those who are a “menace to the community” because of indulging in gossip. The leaders of Nineveh are likened to “clouds of locusts settling on the fences” (Nah 3:17).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(batsar, mibhtsar):

See also HEDGE.