EZBON (ĕz'bŏn)

One of the sons of Gad (Gen.46.16), also called Ozni (Num.26.16).First named son of Bela, son of Benjamin (1Chr.7.7).

EZBON ĕz’ bŏn (אֶצְבֹּ֡ון; LXX ̓Ασεβὼν, θασοβὰν; meaning unknown). 1. A clan chieftain of the tribe of Benjamin, listed as the son of Bela (1 Chron 7:7).

2. The son of Gad, and as such the head of one of the clans of Gad (Gen 46:16). He is called Ozni in the list (Num 26:15-18). Neither Ezbon of Benjamin nor Ezbon of Gad is known outside these references.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)


(1) (’etsbon; Peshitta, ’etsba`on; Septuagint Thasoban): A son of Gad (Ge 46:16) = Ozni of Nu 26:16 (see [[Ozni]]).

(2) (’etsbon; Septuagint Asebon): In 1Ch 7:7 is said to be a grandson of Benjamin. Curtis (Ch., 148) holds that the genealogical table there is that of Zebulun and not Benjamin, and says that Ezbon suggests Ibzan (Jud 12:8-10), a minor judge of Bethlehem of Zebulun (Moore, Judges, 310).