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EZBAI (ĕz'bā-ī). The father of Naarai, one of David’s valiant men (1Chr.11.37).

EZBAI ĕz’ bĭ (אֶזְבָּֽי, LXX, ̓Αζωβε, et al., shining, beautiful [?]). The father of Naari, who was one of David’s thirty mighty men (1 Chron 11:37). The parallel in 2 Samuel 23:35 has “Paarai the Arbite.” Some MSS of the LXX of the latter passage read, however, υἵος (του̂) ̓Ασβί, in accordance with 1 Chronicles 11:37.

There is no consensus of opinion about harmonizing “Ezbai” with “the Arbite,” though some scholars prefer the reading of 2 Samuel, citing Arab in Joshua 15:52, or reading “the Arkite” as in Genesis 10:17 and 1 Chronicles 1:15.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ez’-ba-i, ez’-bi (’ezbay, "shining," "blooming"; Azobai):

One of David’s "mighty men" (1Ch 11:37; compare 2Sa 23:35 margin).