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e’-v’-n, ev’-ning, ev-’-n-tid’ ("even," "evening," ’erebh; opsia, opse; see Thayer under the word):

The words are used in slightly different meanings:

(1) The time of sunset, the beginning of the Hebrew day, as in Le 15, where directions are given for the removal of uncleanness, which took place at sunset.

(2) Twilight, the time of approaching darkness when lamps are lighted; Ex 30:8 (literally, "between the two evenings"); Jer 6:4 ("the shadows of the evening").

(3) The early part of the night (Pr 7:9; Eze 12:7).

The Greek opse is literally, "late" (Mr 11:19). The Greek hespera, refers evidently to sunset, in Lu 24:29. "Eventide," `eth `erebh, "time of evening" (2Sa 11:2; Isa 17:14). "Evening," used in connection with wolves (Jer 5:6; Ze 3:3), is from the Hebrew [`arabhah], which may mean "darkness" or "dark cloud," but more probably "plain" or "desert."