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Evangelical Free Church of America

This body developed from the seventeenth-century Pietistic free church movement in Scandinavia which was carried to the United States by immigrants from 1870 to 1914. The Midwest churches coalesced to form the Evangelical Free Church (Congregational) and the eastern churches to form the Eastern Association in 1891 for fellowship and mutual aid. These two Norwegian-Danish groups merged to form the Evangelical Free Church in 1909. The Swedish Evangelical Free Church, organized at Boone, Iowa, in 1884, merged with the Norwegian-Danish group at Medicine Lake, Minn. in June 1950 to form the Evangelical Free Church of America. Trinity College and Seminary at Deerfield, Illinois, are its major educational centers, and it carries on an extensive missions program. In 1970 it had a membership of 59,041 in 539 churches with 762 ordained clergymen.