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Evangelical Covenant Church of America

Founded in Chicago in 1885, it traces its origins to the Reformation, biblical instruction in the Lutheran State Church of Sweden, and the awakenings of the nineteenth century. It took the name Evangelical Mission Covenant Church of America until 1957. It has traditionally cherished the historic confessions and creeds, but recognizes the sovereignty of the Word of God over their interpretations. The constitution states that “the principle of personal freedom, so highly esteemed by the Covenant, is to be distinguished from the individualism that disregards the centrality of the Word of God and the mutual responsibilities and disciplines of the spiritual community.” It allows divergent views of baptism, though traditionally it is paedobaptist. Its chief institutions are North Park College and Seminary in Chicago, and it has an extensive missions outreach. Membership in the mid-1970s has been about 70,000 in more than 500 churches.