ESHAN (ĕsh'ăn, Heb. ’esh‘ān). A city in the territory assigned to the tribe of Judah (Josh.15.52). It was located in the Hebron area.

ESHAN, ESHEAN ē’ shən, ē’ shĭ ən (אֶשְׁעָֽן, Josh 15:32). KJV is Eshean, but the more accurate Eshan is found in RSV and NASB. One of the towns taken during the conquest period which was designated for the tribe of Judah. The LXX has tr. this location as Σομα.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’esh`an; Esan; the [[King James Version]] Eshean):

A town of Judah in the uplands of Hebron (Jos 15:52). No satisfactory identification has yet been suggested. Some think the name may be a corruption of Beersheba (Encyclopaedia Biblica, which see).