ERAN (ē'răn, Heb. ‘ērān, watcher). The son of Shuthelah, who was the oldest son of Ephraim. His descendants were the Eranites (Num.26.36).

ERAN ĭr’ ăn (עֵרָ֕ן). The grandson of Ephraim and son of Shuthelah (Num 26:36). The Eranites descended from Eran.

Since LXX has Εδέν and due to the similarity between the Heb. “d” and “r” consonants, it is possible to read עֵדָן here. The parallel passage (1 Chron 7:20) does not mention “Eran” but does record an “Eleadah” as a descendant of Shuthelah.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`eran, "watcher," "watchful"; Eden):

The son of Ephraim’s oldest son Shuthelah (Nu 26:36).

Eranites, the descendants of Eran (same place) .