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Encampment by the Sea

ENCAMPMENT BY THE SEA. A descriptive term for the place where the Hebrews camped the night before God’s miraculous destruction of the Egyp. chariot force in the Red Sea (i.e. Sea of Reeds). Biblical evidence indicates that it was “between Migdol and the sea” (Exod 14:2) in the vicinity of Baal-zephon (q.v.) and Pi-hahiroth (q.v.). As in the case of other sites of the early Exodus, its location is dependent upon the interpretation of the route of the Exodus (q.v.). A northern route would locate the encampment on Lake Sirbonis, a southern route would place it on the present Red Sea, and a central route would place it on one of the lakes in between. (For additional discussion of the issues involved see articles on Exodus, Pi-hahiroth, and other sites of the Exodus.)