ENAN (ē'năn). The father of Ahira, of the tribe of Naphtali, who assisted in the Sinai census (Num.1.15; Num.2.29; Num.7.78, Num.7.83; Num.10.27).

ENAN ē’ nən (עֵינָֽן, perhaps spring). Father of Ahira, who, as military leader of the tribe of Naphtali at the time of the wilderness wanderings, assisted in the Sinai census and brought the tribal offering (Num 1:15; 2:29; 7:78, 83; 10:27).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`enan, "having fountains," or "eyes," i.e. "keen-eyed"; in Septuagint Ainan):

The father of Ahira, and prince of Naphtali at the first census of Israel (Nu 1:15; 2:29; 7:78,83; 10:27).