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En Shemesh

EN SHEMESH (ĕn shĕm'ĭsh, fountain of the sun). Located about three miles (five km.) east of Jerusalem on the way to Jericho. It is mentioned in Josh.15.7; Josh.18.17; it served to mark Judah’s northern border and Benjamin’s southern border.

EN-SHEMESH ĕn shĕm ĭsh (עֵ֣ין שֶׁ֔מֶשׁ, meaning spring of the sun). A spring which is usually identified with modern ’Ain el-Ḥod located about three m. E of Jerusalem on the way to Jericho in the Jordan Valley. It is sometimes referred to as the “Spring of the Apostles.”

The only reference to this spring in the Bible is in the Book of Joshua during the conquest and settlement period. It marked a point on the southern boundary of Benjamin and on the northern boundary of Judah (Josh 15:7 and 18:17).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`en shemesh, "spring of the sun"):

An important landmark on the boundary line between Judah and Benjamin (Jos 15:7; 18:17).

The little spring `Ain el chand, East of Bethany, the last spring on the road descending to Jericho, seems to suit the conditions. `Ain el chaud is usually called the "Apostles’ Fountain" by Christians, on account of a tradition dating from the 15th century that the apostles drank there.