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En Hazor

EN HAZOR (ĕn hā'zôr, Heb. ‘ên hātsôr, fountain of the village). A fortified city in Naphtali named with Kedesh and Edrei (Josh.19.37). Probably modern Hasireh, west of Kedesh.

EN-HAZOR ĕn hā’ zôr (עֵ֥ין חָצֹֽור, meaning settlement spring). There are at least five different locations with whole or part of their name being Hazor. En-Hazor was a fortified city included in the assignment to the tribe of Naphtali. This town is not the same as the royal city of Hazor which was located in the region of Naphtali NW of the Sea of Galilee. En-Hazor’s exact location is unknown, but Aharoni, Land of the Bible, p. 150, conjectures that it might be ’Ainitha. En-Hazor is mentioned only in Joshua 19:37.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`en chatsor; pege Asor):

A city in the territory of Naphtali mentioned along with Kedesh, Edrei and Iron (Jos 19:37). The ancient name probably survives in that of Hazireh, on the slopes West of Kedesh. "En" however points to a fountain. and no fountain has been found here.