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En Hakkore

EN HAKKORE (ĕn hăk'ō-rē, Heb. ‘ên ha-kôrē’, fountain of him who cried). A spring that burst out from Ramath Lehi (“hill of the jawbone”) at Samson’s cry, when he was thirsty after killing a thousand Philistines with a jawbone (Judg.15.19).

EN-HAKKORE ĕn hăk’ ə rĭ (עֵ֤ין הַקּוֹרֵא, the spring of him that called, though possibly the spring of the partridge).

The spring where Samson drank after slaughtering the Philistines at Lehi (Judg 15:14-19). It cannot be identified, if it still exists, for it is generally agreed that the site of Lehi remains unidentified. Attempts to locate it are made in the NBC, p. 253a, and the Oxford Bible Atlas. Since lehi also means jawbone, KJV has a most misleading tr. of Judges 15:19 suggesting that the water came from the jawbone.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

en-hak’-o-re, en-hak-o’-re (`en ha-qore’, "spring of the partridge"):

Interpreted (Jud 15:19) as meaning "the spring of him that called." So the Septuagint: pege tou epikaloumenou. The spring was in Lehi but the site is unknown.