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En Haddah

EN HADDAH (ĕn hăd'a, Heb. ‘ên haddâh, swift fountain). A town on the border of Issachar (Josh.19.21).

EN-HADDAH ĕn hăd ə (עֵ֥ין חַדָּ֖ה, meaning sharp spring). This city mentioned only in Joshua 19:21 was included in the territory assigned to Issachar. Issachar possessed a small geographical area and its tribal location was in part of the Jezreel valley SW of the Sea of Galilee. Probable location is about three to six m. E of Mount Tabor.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`en chaddah, "swift fountain"):

A town in the lot of Issachar mentioned along with En-gannim (Jos 19:21).

It is probably identical with Kefr Adan, a village some 3 miles West of Jenin.