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Emilio Comba

1839-1904. Waldensian* historian and theologian. Born at San Germano Chisone, he graduated at the theological school in Geneva, where he had some of the most distinguished professors of the time, including Merle d'Aubigné.* A man of great intelligence, strong personality, and deep spirituality, he was ordained pastor in 1863, and after a short period of evangelical work in Brescia was sent (1867) to Venice (then just freed and annexed to the kingdom), where with his warm eloquence he attracted great numbers, thus founding a prosperous Waldensian church. In 1872 he was called to Florence to succeed G.P. Revel, one of the founders of the theological faculty; there he taught for thirty-two years, devoting all his time to his students, his academic studies, and for some time caring for the Waldensian community in that city as well as editing a journal, La Rivista Cristiana. His works include two short volumes in English, Who are the Waldenses? (1879) and Waldo and the Waldenses before the Reformation (1880). Later came a more substantial history of the Waldensians in French (1887) and Italian (1893), and two volumes on the Reformation in Italy (1881- 95).