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Emek Keziz

EMEK KEZIZ (ĕ'mĕk kēzĭz). A valley near Beth Hoglah in Benjamin (kjv), or a city (Josh.18.21, asv, rsv, niv). Emek means valley. The location is uncertain.

EMEK-KEZIZ ē’ mĭk kē’ zĭz (Heb. עֵ֥מֶק קְצִֽיץ derived from ’emēq, “low ground,” “valley” cognate to Ugar. ’m q, Canaanite ’amq, Mari Akkad. ḥamqum, and q’ṩīyṩ, “cut off,” cognate to Ugar. q ṩ ṩ, Akkad. qaṩāṩu(m), appearing only in Joshua 18:21 in the list of border cities between the Dead Sea and Jericho. The site is unidentified.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`emeq qetsits; the King James Version Valley of Keziz (Jos 18:21)):

A town in Benjamin named between Beth-hoglah and Beth-arabah, and therefore to be sought in the plain, probably South of Jericho. The name has not been recovered.