ELUL (ĕ-lūl'). The sixth month of the Hebrew year, approximately August-September (Neh.6.15). See also Calendar.

ELUL ē lūl’ (אֱל֑וּל, LXX Ελουλ, meaning uncertain; prob. derived from the Babylonian Elulu or Ululu, the month of purification). Sixth month of the year (August-September). Found only in Nehemiah 6:15 (cf. Ελουλ, 1 Macc 14:27). See nodetitle.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

e’-lul, e-lool’ (’elul, Ne 6:15; Eloul, 1Macc 14:27):

The 6th month of the Hebrew year, corresponding to August-September. The derivation is uncertain.

See Time.