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ELIZAPHAN (ĕl'ĭ-zā'făn, ē-lĭz'afăn, Heb., ’ĕlîtsāphān, God has concealed)

The son of Uzziel, chief ruler of the Kohathites when the census was taken in Sinai (Num.3.30; 1Chr.15.8; 2Chr.29.13), called Elzaphan in Exod.6.22 and Lev.10.4. In Chronicles his Levitical class is treated as coequal with the Kohathites.The son of Parnach, prince of the tribe of Zebulun in the wilderness (Num.34.25).

ELIZAPHAN ĕl’ ə zā’ făn (אֶלִיצָפָ֖ן, God has protected). A Heb. masculine proper name. 1. The son of Uzziel a Levite, a chief of the Kohathites who is described in Numbers 3:29, 30 as “the head of the fathers’ house of the families of the Kohathites,” whose responsibility was to take care of the Ark, the table, the lampstand and the vessels of the sanctuary, etc. (cf. 1 Chron 15:8; 2 Chron 29:13). An alternate form of his name is Elzaphan (Exod 6:22; Lev 10:4); the name remains the same, but contains a shorter form of deity element El for the more archaic ’Elî.

2. The son of Parnach, a leader from the tribe of Zebulun, who assisted Moses in dividing the land into future inheritance portions for each tribe (Num 34:25).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

el-i-za’-fan, e-liz’-a-fan (’elitsaphan; Septuagint Eleisaphan, Elisaphan, Elisapa, Elisaphat, "God has protected; compare tsephanyah, Zephaniah, "Yah has protected," and the Phoenician, tsephanba`al, Baal has protected"):

(1) The son of Uzziel, the son of Kohath, and so a prince of the Levitical class of the Kohathites (Nu 3:30; 1Ch 15:8; 2Ch 29:13). But in 1Ch 15:8; 2Ch 29:13 his class seems to be coordinate with that of the Kohathites. He is called Elzaphan in Ex 6:22; Le 10:4.

(2) A "prince" or chief of Zebulun, who represented that tribe in the division of the land (Nu 34:25). Walter R. Betteridge