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ELISHAMA (ē-lĭsh'ama, Heb. ’ĕlîshāmā‘, God has heard)

ELISHAMA ĭ lĭsh’ ə mə (אֱלִישָׁמָ֖ע, God has heard). The name of seven different men in the OT. 1. The son of Ammihud of the tribe of Ephraim (Num 1:10). He was selected to help Moses as a representative from his tribe in the taking of the census. He is later described as the prince of the children of Ephraim (2:18). As a prince he offered for Ephraim the oblation to the Lord on the seventh day (7:48, 53). He led his host in the march through the wilderness, seventh in line (10:22). From 1 Chronicles 7:26, one learns further that he was the father of Nun and grandfather of Joshua.

2. One of the sons of David who was born in Jerusalem. His mother was a wife of David and not a concubine (2 Sam 5:16). The sons are listed as nine in number (1 Chron 3:8). In 1 Chronicles 14:7 the children are thirteen in number. Apparently the later list includes daughters as well.

3. Another son of David born in Jerusalem by the same name (1 Chron 3:6).

4. A descendant of Judah through Perez. His father was Jekamiah (2:41).

5. The grandfather of the Ishmael who killed Gedaliah (2 Kings 25:25), the governor of Israel appointed by Nebuchadnezzar, named in Jeremiah 41:1.

6. A scribe of Israel in Jeremiah’s day who was one of those who heard Baruch read the words of God (Jer 36:12). Later the roll of the scroll was put in his chamber where it remained until it was taken to be read to the king (36:20, 21).

7. A priest sent by Jehoshaphat to teach God’s book of the law in Judah (2 Chron 17:8). It is possible that numbers 4 and 5 above are the same. Jerome suggested this possibility.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’elishama`, "God has heard"):

(1) Grandfather of Joshua and son of Ammihud; prince of the tribe of Ephraim in the Exodus (Nu 1:10; 7:48,53; 1Ch 7:26).

(2) A son of David, born in Jerusalem (2Sa 5:16; 1Ch 3:8).

(3) By textual corruption in 1Ch 3:6 for Elishua, another of David’s sons; compare 2Sa 5:15.

(4) A scribe of Jehoiakim (Jer 36:12,20,21).

(5) One "of the seed royal," grandfather of Ishmael, the slayer of Gedaliah (2Ki 25:25; Jer 41:1).

(6) A man of the tribe of Judah (1Ch 2:41).

(7) One of the priests appointed by Jehoshaphat to teach the law (2Ch 17:8).