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Eliphalat, Eliphalet, Eliphelet

ELIPHALAT, ELIPHALET, ELIPHELET ĭ lĭf’ ə lĕt, (אֱלִיפֶ֖לֶט, God is deliverance). The name of six men in the OT. The name is properly spelled “Eliphelet.” 1. A son of David born in Jerusalem (2 Sam 5:16), misspelled “Eliphalet” in KJV which ignores the pause lengthening the vowel at the end of the verse. He was one of nine sons born in Jerusalem, not of a concubine (1 Chron 3:8; 14:7).

2. Another son of David born in Jerusalem, also one of the nine (3:6).

3. One of the thirty of David’s mighty men (2 Sam 23:34). He was the son of Ahasbai and the grandson of the Maacathite. It is probable that he is the same as Eliphal of 1 Chronicles 11:35 (q.v.).

4. A descendant of Saul and Jonathan, the son of Eshek (1 Chron 8:39). He was the third of three brothers.

5. One of three sons of Adonikam in postexilic Jerusalem (Ezra 8:13). He went up with Ezra from Babylon to Jerusalem in the reign of Artaxerxes.

6. A son of Hashum in postexilic Jerusalem (Ezra 10:33). He was one of those who had foreign wives in Israel.