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ELIHOREPH (ĕl'ĭ-hō'rĕf). One of King Solomon’s scribes (1Kgs.4.3).

ELIHOREPH ĕl ə hôr ĭf (אֱלִיחֹ֧רֶף, autumn God?) One of the high officials during Solomon’s reign (1 Kings 4:3). He is further identified as a son of Shisha and one of two scribes in the reign of Solomon. His brother Ahijah was the other scribe or secretary. The suggestion that this was a title and not a personal name has no textual warrant. He undoubtedly was held in high regard by Solomon to have had such an important position and to have been regarded as a שַׂר, H8569, (prince or high officer).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’elichoreph, "God of autumn"?):

A scribe of Solomon and son of Shisha (1Ki 4:3).