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ELIASAPH (ē-lī'a-săf)

The son of Deuel and head of the Gadites during the wandering in the wilderness (Num.1.14; Num.2.14; Num.7.42, Num.7.47; Num.10.20).A son of Lael, a Levite and prince of the Gershonites during the wilderness wanderings (Num.3.24).

ELIASAPH ĭ lī’ ə săf (אֶלְיָסָ֖ף, LXX ̓Ελισάφ, meaning God has added). Two men in the OT have this name: 1. A son of Deuel (Reuel) and a leader of the tribe of Gad recognized by Moses (Num 1:14; 2:14; 7:42-47; 10:20).

2. A descendant of Gershon of the tribe of Levi; this man was a leader of the Gershonites during the time of Moses (Num 3:24). He was in charge of the tabernacle coverings, the curtains of the court and the main altar.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(’elyacaph, "God has added"):

(1) Son of Deuel; prince of the tribe of Gad in the Exodus (Nu 1:14; 2:14; 7:42,47; 10:20).

(2) Son of Lael; prince of the Gershonites (Nu 3:24).