Eglath Shelishiyah

EGLATH SHELISHIYAH (ĕg'lăth-shĭ-lĭsh'ĕ-ya, the third Eglath). A town near Zoar mentioned in prophecies against Moab (Isa.15.5; Jer.48.34).

EGLATH-SHELISHIYAH ĕg’ lăth-shĭ lĭsh’ ə yə (עֶגְלַ֣ת שְׁלִשִׁיָּ֑ה, “the third Eglath”). A town near Zoar mentioned in prophetic oracles of judgment on Moab (Isa 15:5; Jer 48:34).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`eghlath shelishiyah):

Found in Isa 15:5; Jer 48:34 (Hebrew) in oracles against Moab. the [[King James Version]] translates "an heifer of three years old"; the [[Revised Version]] (British and American) takes it as the name of a place, but the [[American Revised Version]], margin has "a heifer three years old," according to Septuagint. In the former case strong and unconquered cities, Zoar and Horonaim, are compared to the heifer not yet broken to the yoke. Such use of "heifer" is not infrequent (compare Jer 46:20; Ho 10:11, etc.). The majority of scholars, however, take it as a place-name. Some would read "the third Eglath," as if there were three towns of that name. No probable identification has been suggested.

W. Ewing