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Edward Burrough

1633-1662. Early Quaker. Born near Kendal, England, of godly parents, he heard George Fox* preach in 1652 and after disputing with him soon became one of his followers, even though disowned by his family. He was, with Howgill, Audland, and Camm, one of the pioneer group of Quaker preachers who dispersed in pairs from their native county to spread the light through Commonwealth England. After working in the northeast, he and Howgill went to London in 1654 and also paid short visits to Bristol and the eastern counties. A year later they went to Ireland. Burrough was esteemed by his companions as a controversialist and engaged in a pamphlet war with Bunyan* in 1656-57, although he had little learning or literary polish. At the Restoration he pleaded with Charles II on behalf of persecuted Quakers in New England. He was himself thrown into prison in 1662 for holding an illegal meeting, and he died there.