Editor Role

In order to secure the authoritative state of the BiblicalTraining library (BTL), we have established several user roles. The Editor Role is for:

  • people with some formal education in biblical studies such as pastors and missionaries,

  • people currently enrolled in a MA, MDiv, or ThM program,

  • people who have been committed to lifelong biblical studies for some time.
  • This role can modify articles, which are then moderated by the [[Professor Role|Professors]] (role 2) and moderate changes in articles made by [[Associate Editor Role|Associate Editors]] (role 4).

    Types of Articles and Activities

    The staff of BibleGateway has pre-assigned about a fourth of our articles to this category. Many of these topics are shorter in nature, but they are important. You will be involved in many activities such as

  • editing the articles assigned to this role

  • merging articles (see [[Formatting Standards]])

  • suggesting new articles (see [[Application for a new article]])

  • correcting grammar and spelling

  • correcting formatting

  • uploading pictures
  • Modifications

    Editors are limited to changing not more than 10% of an article.

    All suggested changes are passed into a moderation queue, and will be made active once accepted by a Professor (role 2).

    Editors can suggest new topics by filing out the [[Application for a new article]] form.


    If you would like to participate in the BTL in the role of Editor, please fill out the [[Application for Editor Role]] form.

    Thank you.

    The BTL team