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d.1318. Nestorian theologian. He became bishop of Sigar and Bet Arabaje in 1284/5, and metropolitan of Nisibis and Armenia in 1298. A prolific author, his Syriac writings included treatises on philosophy and science, a Bible, commentary, a polemic against heresy, hymns of praise, and anthems. As bibliographer he cataloged nearly 150 Syrian authors and their works, beginning with Simeon bar Sabbae (third century). He compiled the Nomocanon, the most complete collection of Nestorian canon laws, from three sources: (1) “Western Synods,” i.e., before the Schism (e.g., Antioch, 341; Ancyra, 358); (2) “Eastern Synods,” i.e., those held by Nestorian Katholikoi down to eighth century; and (3) laws made since the eighth century. Also extant is a theological work, Margaritha (The Pearl), and a series of fifty poems, Paradisus-Eden.