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EBED (ĕ'bĕd, Heb.,‘evedh, servant)

Father of Gaal, the adversary of Ahimelech who unsuccessfully rebelled against this ruler in Shechem (Judg.9.26-Judg.9.45).Son of Jonathan, one of the fifty men of the family of Adin that came from Babylon under Ezra (Ezra.8.6).

EBED ē’ bĕd (עֶ֨בֶד, LXX ̓Ωβήθ, slave, servant; perhaps a hypocoristicon for the theophoric name, עַבְדִּיאֵ֣ל, “servant of God”). 1. Father of Gaal who rebelled against Abimelech (Judg 9:26-35).

2. One of the sons of Adin who accompanied Ezra on his return (Ezra 8:6).

The word is also part of the compound name, Ebed-melech (q.v.), and an element in the expression, אֶבֶד יהוה, “Servant of the Lord” (on the concept, “slave of God” cf. E. Yamauchi, Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society, IX [1966], 31-49).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(`ebhedh, "servant"):

(1) Father of Gaal, who rebelled against Abimelech (Jud 9:26-35).

(2) A companion of Ezra in his return (Ezr 8:6) = Obeth (APC 1Esdras 8:32).