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Cylinder Seals

CYLINDER SEALS (see Writing). A small cylinder of metal, stone, baked clay, frit or other hard substance on which was usually engraved a design (commonly a religious scene) and/or the name and patronymic of the owner. Before the introduction of writing and until the 7th cent. b.c. such seals were used alongside stamp seals. Thereafter the seal set in a signet ring gradually predominated (Jer 22:24; Hag 2:23) Seals were used to mark personal attestation (1 Kings 21:8), ownership or security (Job 14:17; 41:15). They were worn mounted on a pin attached to a garment or strung longitudinally and hung about the neck (Gen 38:18), and by some were considered to have amuletic powers. The seal was applied by rolling over the clay when a document was still soft, thus leaving a clear impression upon it (cf. Job 38:14). Periodic changes in fashions both of designs or materials mean that the seal is useful for typological and chronological purposes.


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