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CUN (Heb. kûn). An Aramean city taken by David (1Chr.18.8). In 2Sam.8.8 Berothai is given as the name of the city. The identification is uncertain.

CUN (See also Berothai) kun (כּוּן). Only mentioned in 1 Chronicles 18:8. An Aramean town located in the northern part of Aram-Zobah on the eastern side of the Lebanon mountains. Even though the parallel passage in 2 Samuel 8:8 reads Berothai, this does not mean that they are necessarily the same town. David took bronze booty from a number of the towns in this area. (See Aharoni, The Land of the Bible, p. 263.)

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

One of the cities of Hadarezer, king of Syria, spoiled by David (1Ch 18:8, the King James Version "Chun"). In the parallel passage (2Sa 8:8) its place is taken by BEROTHAH, which see.