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Cornelius Petrus Tiele

1830-1902. Dutch theologian. Born at Leyden, and educated in Amsterdam and at the seminary of the Remonstrant Brotherhood, he was pastor at Moordrecht and Rotterdam, and then professor at the Remonstrant seminary. He became professor of religious history, a chair specially founded for him, at Leyden University (1877-1901). During his professorship he exercised a great influence on the development of the study of comparative religion, especially in the Netherlands. He wrote many books, the best known being Geschiedens van den Godsdienst tot aan der Heerschappij der Wereldgodsdiensten (1876; ET Outlines of the History of Religion, 1877). He also gave the Gifford Lectures entitled The Elements of the Science of Religion (1897-99). These works came out of a vast knowledge of ancient languages and history and were widely useful because of their lucid and orderly arrangement.