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CORIANDER (גַּד, H1512). This is mentioned in Exodus 16:31 and Numbers 11:7, where the manna which fell down from heaven is described as being like coriander, because of the size of its pearl-like seeds.

The coriander (coriandrum sativum) is an annual herb which grows in the Jordan valley and in other parts of Pal. The seeds have a pleasing aroma.

Today, coriander is used in gin, curry powder, and as a flavor for sweets. In Europe, the seeds are used for flavoring bread. See Spice.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

The fruit of the Coriandrum Sativum (Natural Order Umbelliferae), a plant indigenous around the Mediterranean and extensively cultivated. The fruits are aromatic and stomatic-carminative. They are of a grayish-yellow color, ribbed, ovate-globular and in size about twice that of a hemp-seed. "The manna was like coriander seed" (Nu 11:7; see also Ex 16:31).

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