COPPERSMITH, (χαλκεύς, G5906, coppersmith, then generally [black]smith, metal worker. Coppersmith, or better, smith is found only in 2 Tim 4:14 in the NT).

In the Apostolic Fathers and the papyri χαλκεύς, G5906, is the “smith” (Oxyrynchus Papyrus I 11318, 2nd cent. a.d.) who works metals (Hermas, Vis 1, 3, 2) and makes idols of brass, silver and iron (Diognetus 2, 3).

There is no conclusive evidence to show that Alexander, the coppersmith of 2 Timothy 4:14, is the same person as in 1 Timothy 1:20 or Acts 19:33.


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