CONVICT, CONVICTION (ἐλέγχω, G1794, to declare, expose, convince, reprove). Often where the KJV renders “convince” the ASV has “convict.”

1. To “bring to light,” “expose”: as in John 3:20 (“lest his deeds should be exposed”; Eph 5:11, 13).

2. To “convict,” “convince,” “indict,” “reprove”; as in John 8:9 (“convicted by their own conscience” KJV); John 16:8; James 2:9; a forensic connotation.

3. To “reprove,” “rebuke,” “correct” (e.g., Luke 3:19; 1 Tim 5:20; 2 Tim 4:2; cf. Matt 18:15).

4. To “discipline,” “punish” (e.g., Heb 12:5).

The meaning includes “convincing” the mind by persuasion, “convicting” the conscience by the illumination of the Holy Spirit and “judgment.”

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)