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Confession of Basle

1534. Published by the city council with a preface by the burgomaster, Adelberg Meyer, and signed by Heinrich Ryhiner, the clerk, it was authored by Oswald Myconius,* but he probably used a draft composed by his predecessor, John Oecolampadius (d.1532). The confession, having not more than 2,500 words, is divided into twelve articles: Concerning God, Man, God's Care for us, Christ, the Church, our Lord's Supper, the use of Excommunication, Government, Faith and Works, the Day of Judgment, Things commanded and not commanded, Against the error of the Anabaptists. The citizens of Basle subscribed to it under oath, and their practice was followed later by the city of Mühlhausen-hence the title Confessio Muhlhusana. From 1534 to 1826 the confession was read each year in Holy Week from the pulpits of the churches of Basle, and until 1872 all ministers had to subscribe to it.

For the text see P. Schaff, Creeds of Christendom, vol. 3; and A. Cochrane, Reformed Confessions (1966).