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Coal, Coals

See also Coal

COAL, COALS. The term primarily refers to charcoal, since Pal. does not have deposits of mineral coal. Mainly two Heb. words designate charcoal.

2. פֶּחָם, H7073, LXX, ἄνθραξ, G472, appears at least three times in the OT. Twice it designates burning charcoal in a forge (Isa 44:12; 54:16) and once unburnt charcoal (Prov 26:21). Its meaning in Psalm 11:6 is problematical.

The following words are tr. in KJV as coal or coals, but most others are not.

3. רֶ֫שֶׁפ֒, H8404, LXX πῦρός is so rendered in Song of Solomon 8:6, but the term does not refer to charcoal. It is a hot stone.

4. רִצְפָּה֒, H8365, LXX, ἄνθραξ, G472, is found in 1 Kings 19:6 and Isaiah 6:6 but seems to designate hot stones rather than live charcoal.

5. שְׁחﯴר, H8818, LXX, ἀσβόλος would be better tr. as blackness instead of coal (Lam 4:8).