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CLOSET (Gr. tameion). Found in Matt.6.6 and Luke.12.3, this word has been regarded as most probably referring to a special storage closet in which bedding was stored during the day. If required, it could also be used as a sleeping-room or for private conference. Our Lord advised that it be used for private prayer. RSV and NIV both render simply “room,” in the first occurrence, “inner [or private] rooms” in the other.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

kloz’-et: Is the rendering in the King James Version of

(1) chuppah, and

(2) tameion, also tamieion.

Chuppah, derived from chaphah, "to cover," was probably originally the name of the tent specially set apart for the bride, and later (Joe 2:16) used for the bride’s chamber. The word tameion, originally storeroom (compare Lu 12:24, the King James Version "storehouse"; the Revised Version (British and American) "storechamber"), but since for safety it was the inner rooms of the Hebrew house which were used for storage purposes, the word came to mean inner room, as in Mt 6:6; Lu 12:3, in both the King James Version "closet" (compare Mt 24:26, the King James Version "secret chamber"). In all cases the Revised Version (British and American) uses "inner chamber."

See also HOUSE.