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Clement Charles Julian Webb

1865-1954. Anglican religious philosopher. The son of Benjamin Webb, founder of the Cambridge Camden Society, he spent the whole of his academic life at Oxford. He was distinguished in two spheres. As a historian of both medieval and modern religious philosophy, he produced a critical edition of the works of John of Salisbury,* and two important studies: Religious Thought in the Oxford Movement (1928) and Religious Thought in England from 1850 (1933). As a religious philosopher on his own account, Webb, working within the philosophical climate of late nineteenth-century Idealism, strove in a series of three volumes published between 1911 and 1920 to reconcile the idea of God as all-inclusive Absolute to that of God as Personality, apprehended in religious experience. His mediating position between the two schools of Absolute and Personal Idealism (he himself inclined to the latter) is not regarded as altogether satisfactory by modern scholars.