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CHUZA, CHUZAS ku’ zə(s) (Χουζα̂ς, G5966, Aram. כּוּזָא, little jug). Chuza was the husband of Joanna, one of the women from Galilee who followed Jesus and helped support Him and His disciples (Luke 8:3), and who was among the women who came to the tomb of Jesus to anoint His body with spices on the morning of His resurrection (Luke 24:10). Chuza is said to have been a steward (ἐπίτροπος, G2208) of Herod Antipas. If taken literally, this would mean that he was the manager of Herod’s property; if taken fig., he was a political appointee of Herod. It is likely that Chuza had died before the time when Joanna followed Jesus.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

ku’-zas, chu’-zas (Chouzas; the King James Version Chuza): The steward of Herod Antipas. In Lu 8:3 we read that his wife Joanna, "and Susanna, and many others," ministered to Christ and His disciples.

See Joanna (Lu 24:10).