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Christian And Missionary Alliance

The name given in 1887 to a group organized in the USA and Canada, part of a worldwide movement begun six years earlier by A.B. Simpson (1844- 1919). Some 1,400 of more than 4,000 fully organized congregations are in North America; the others are separately organized under various names in some thirty-eight other countries on six continents. The movement has over 5,000 indigenous ministers and nearly 1,000 missionaries serving outside their home countries. More than 900 of the latter are from North America. The movement's leadership denies that the years the emphasis on sanctification as a crisis-experience and on miraculous healing has been muted, but inevitably the transdenominational character has been replaced by a self- conscious, broadly evangelical denomination which is not classifiable with the Calvinistic, Wesleyan, Baptist, and premillennial streams which flowed into it.