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CHOLA kō’ lə (Χωλά; variants Κω̂λα and Κει̂α; COLA, KJV; KOLA, The Jerusalem Bible). A place name in Judith 15:4 along with Betomasthaim, Bebai and Choba. Location unknown, but may possibly be identified with Holon (חֹלֹ֖ן) in Joshua 15:51.

KOLA kō’ lə (Χωλά). An unknown locality mentioned in RSV Judith 15:4 (KJV COLA; ASV CHOLA). It may be the same as HOLON in Joshua 15:51.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

This names occurs only with that of Chobai (see Choba) in Judith 15:4. It may be identical with the modern Ka`un, between el- Mekhubby and Beisan.