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CHLOE (klō'ē). A woman whose people informed Paul of contentions in the Corinthian church (1Cor.1.11). Where she lived and how her people gained their information is not told. She was well known to the Corinthian Christians by her personal name.

CHLOE klō’ ĕ (Χλόη, G5951, meaning, verdure, green grass, an epithet of Demeter, frequently given to slaves, esp. to freedmen). A woman mentioned only in 1 Corinthians 1:11 whose people reported to Paul on conditions at Corinth. She was prob. a Christian, for information from such a source would find easier reception by the Corinthians and would be characteristic of Paul’s discretion. Having a heathen name does not prove non-Christian status (cf. Phoebe, Hermes, and Nereus, Rom 16:1, 14, 15). Chloe lived either at Corinth or Ephesus.


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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

A woman, presumably a Christian, mentioned only in 1Co 1:11. She was a resident either of Corinth or of Ephesus. Paul had been informed by some of her household, probably Christian slaves, of the dissensions in the church at Corinth. Nothing more is known of her.