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CHELOUS, CHELLUS kĕl’ əs (Χελούς). A town in S Pal.

According to Judith 1:9 this place was situated SW of Jerusalem near Bethany but N of Kadesh and the “river of Egypt.” It is prob. to be identified with modern Khalasa, lying S of Beer-sheba on an important road leading S from Jerusalem to Egypt and on a caravan route between Gaza and Edom (cf. further J. Simons, The Geographical and Topographical Texts of the Old Testament, pp. 489, 493; also IDB, I, 556, s.v.).

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

(Chellous), a place named (Judith 1:9) among those West of the Jordan to which Nebuchadnezzar sent his summons. It is mentioned along with "Kades," and as it lay North of the "children of Ishmael" it may with some probability be taken as lying Southwest of Jerusalem. It has been conjectured that it may be Chalutzah (Reland, Palestine, 717), a place under the form Elusa well known to the ancient geographers.