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Changers of Money

CHANGERS OF MONEY. Men who exchanged one currency for another at a premium. Coins issued by many governments circulated in Palestine; also Jews had to convert their currency into shekels for the temple tax. It was not the trade but the place where they plied it that led Christ to drive them out of the temple court (Matt.21.12; Mark.11.15; John.2.14-John.2.15); all three passages use the Greek kollybistēs, “a changer of small coin.” John.2.14 has kermatistēs, with identical meaning. The word trapezitēs, found only in Matt.25.27, is rendered “exchangers” (kjv) or “banker” (niv, rsv), a lender of money at interest. Both used tables (trapezas) and often combined the two functions.