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Ceiled, Cieling, Ciel, Cield

See also Ceiling

CEILED, CIELING, CIEL, CIELD (obsolete spelling [KJV] of following Heb. words):

1. חָפָה, H2902, to ceil, cover, viz., the ceiling with wood boards, as in 2 Chronicles 3:5, possibly in manner of coffers.

2. סָפַן, H6211, to cover over, viz., the ceiling with boards (Jer 22:14; Hag 1:4, tr. PANELED by RSV).

3. שָׂחִיף, H8470, thin boards (Ezek 41:16), finish woodwork.

“Paneled” for 2 and 3 above would perhaps be a better rendering, since this denotes luxury and is precisely what Haggai is condemning as invidious respecting God’s house. The technique had become widespread by this time. The Temple of Solomon was extensively lined with wood paneling (1 Kings 6:15ff.) and this was in turn carved and gilded. Materials were fir and cedar of Lebanon. The clerestory of the Royal Portico of Herod’s Temple (see Herod">http://biblicaltraining.org/library/VII.">Herod’s Temple TEMPLE) was finished with wood paneling.