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BUNCH (אֲגֻדָּה, H99, or צִמּוּקִים, H7540, or אֶשְׁכּוֹל, H864). This particular word can be expressed in Heb. with at least three different words, each carrying a slight difference in meaning. The word ’agudah (Exod 12:22) is used in the phrase “a bunch of hyssop,” but in 2 Samuel 2:25 in relationship to a “band” of men.

The second use of the word “bunch” is in the context of grapes with references to bunches or clusters of grapes. Simmuq (1 Sam 25:18; 30:12) is tr. either as a bunch or a cluster of grapes. The word ’eshkol (1 Chron 12:40) which is not usually tr. as “bunch” carries the basic meaning of a cluster of grapes or flowers.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (1915)

bunsh: Is used of

(1) a "bunch of hyssop" (Ex 12:22, ’aghuddah);

(2) a "cluster of raisins" (2Sa 16:1 the King James Version; 1Ch 12:40 the King James Version tsimmuq = "something dried or shriveled");

(3) a "camel’s hump" (Isa 30:6 the King James Version dabbesheth): of obscure etymology.

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